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VaporGenie Glass Bat

The VaporGenie Glass Bat is a non-electrical vaporizer constructed with almost entirely glass. The tiny ...

from 65,00 €
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HerbalAire Vaporizer

The HerbalAire H2.2 Vaporizer requires no grinding; it can extract essence molecules throughout the entire ...

from 194,50 €
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Linx Hermes 2

The Linx Hermes is currently one of the smallest and slimmest oil vaporizers on the ...

from 19,00 €
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Vapium Summit+ Vaporizer

There is a large subset of vaporizer enthusiasts that enjoy taking their vapor outdoors. With ...

from 179,96 €
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Flowermate​ ​Swift​ ​Pro

The age of combustion is over, the period of conduction is now. Convection is the ...


The XVAPE Vital is a fool-proof vaporizer that gives you pure vapors without any tricky ...

from 46,99 €
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RastaBuddhaTao Splinter Z

The RastaBuddhaTao Splinter Z is a pure convection vaporizer with 510 thread. It acts like ...

from 199,00 €
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AirVape X


The AirVape X features a chamber that boasts 25 % more space. Possessing almost identical ...

from 119,59 €
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Flowermate Uno


The Flowermate UNO is a versatile vaporizer made for numerous materials; the all-rounder allows you ...

from 137,99 €
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Herborizer Sphere

Herborizer Sphere vaporizes resinous plants at a constant temperature of 190°C. Similar to its comrade ...

from 349,00 €
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Flowermate V5.0S


The Flowermate V5.0S is a portable handheld vaporizer which you can also use for herbs ...

from 97,00 €
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Odin vaporizer


The Odin vaporizer is a discreet-looking vaporizer made especially for dried herbs. This pocket-friendly and ...

from 119,95 €
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