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Magic Flight Launch Box

Last update: August 12, 2020

There’s every other vaporizer, and then there’s the Magic Flight Launch Box. It’s clear that this box is engineered to be something different and it performs that way. With a whole range of accessories and a full lifetime guarantee directly from Magic Flight, buying a Launch Box means buying into a lifestyle with its community.

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Understanding the Magic Flight Launch Box is realizing that everybody’s rig is going to be different. The base product is as simple as a battery-powered wooden box with a trapezoidal trench-style oven that can fit in the palm of your hand. However, it performs differently in every hand it touches. Not to mention, with the proprietary accessories, you can turn this simple box into a stay-at-home desktop vaporizer complete with whip and power adapter. There is a bit of a learning curve for beginners, but with a little practice, you might just be setting aside your desktop vaporizers for this little wooden wonder.

Magically Portable and Rechargeable
The Launch Box stands for portable secrecy. Its incredibly small size is made possible with the rechargeable proprietary Magic Flight NiMH batteries (2 batteries included) that are equally easy to stow away, at least as secure as any AA battery. You can’t use any other brand of batteries with this device. Otherwise, you could risk damaging the battery port. So be sure to charge them well beforehand and grab some spares when you can. With a small amount of planning, the MFLB can be the perfect companion out in the world and at home.

Unique and Timeless
The Launch Box is a handmade wooden vaporizer with hardly any moving parts. The face has the enigmatic Magic Flight logo, and a thick plastic shield covers a metallic trench hinged by a simple metal bar. There are two holes on the front and side, respectively. The smaller gap is where you can place the “straw” for drawing vapor, although many users prefer to use it “natively” or without the straw. The draw opening also has a small orange light that indicates the battery has made contact. The more massive hole is where the battery is inserted during use and features a simple connection at the end of the tunnel. The back of the device features a quote from French Philosopher Forrest Landry:

Love is that which enables Choice
Love is always stronger than Fear
Always choose on the basis of Love

Many long-time users agree it’s easy to love the MFLB.

Accessories Galore
Part of the widespread allure of the Launch Box is the ability to transform a single product into an entire rig using the proprietary accessories. With the batteries alone, the MFLB is a serviceable little vape. However, add in the power adapter, water accessories, and various whips. You start to see this small package rival the performance of much more expensive and massive products. It’s a great deal for someone who wants a professional quality instrument but who can’t immediately afford such a large purchase. Although you must use the proprietary accessories, they are all manufactured by Magic Flight, so you know it comes with quality.

Tiny Box, Big Clouds
There can be significant variances with the Magic Flight Launch Box’s vapor performance. It isn’t to say that the MFLB isn’t capable of producing a rich, aromatic vapor. Instead of that, the box is a unique item that takes practice. However, once you can master its atypical operation, it’s production can match and usually exceed any comparable vaporizer. Magic Flight believes that this is part of the appeal to their product. If you are worried about the learning curve, there are entire online communities built around this device and a bevy of resources that will have you using the box to the best of its ability in no time.

Made in the U.S.A.
Each Launch Box is handcrafted in San Diego, CA and comes with a lifetime warranty. Even if something happens to the device under your watch, they will most likely replace your MFLB anyway. The craftsmanship of the wood is evident from the first time you see one and Magic Flight’s extensive collection of finishes and wood types is something to behold. It’s possible to customize your box to your heart’s desire and a large number of users have taken to laser-etching the face of the box with intricate designs.

Magic Flight Launch Box Video

Here is a review video demonstrating typical usage of the Magic Flight Launch Box. Introduce yourself to the simplicity of the box’s layout and design. Notice that the reviewer uses the box with the included glass straw, but it is possible to use the MFLB without it.

What’s in the Box

  • 1x Magic Flight Launch Box
  • 2x AA NiMH Batteries (Rechargeable)
  • 1x MFLB Charger
  • 2x Rubber Caps for Batteries
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Magic Flight Launch Box Tin Container
  • 1x Glass Stem


There is rarely an opinion that falls in the middle of the range when it comes to the Magic Flight Launch Box. Either you love it, or you can’t find any use for it at all. However, it’s a product that inspires massive brand loyalty and has a high ceiling when it comes to quality. The low price means it is imminently accessible yet requires the user to buy into the ideas around the product.

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